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Digital transformation: From product to service

USU Industrial Smart Services is the digital business platform that precisely extracts correct information from machine and system data. New business models based on data-driven services are created using cutting-edge architecture and analysis methods.


Outlier Detection
Automatically learned algorithm on historical data, analyzes live data streams
Adaptive Anomaly Detection
Algorithm learnes dynamic thresholds and adapts automatically to the operating phases
Predictive Maintenance
Usage-based prediction of the loss on components. Significantly more accurate than linear predictions!
Offset Correction
Detection and automatic correction of data offset
Root Cause Analysis, Event Chains
Self-learning method shows automatic indication on plausible causes
Custom-made algorithm development
Our data scientists develop individual algorithms, e.g. for automatic repair of incorrect data


Heidelberg is a pioneer in the field of innovative service offerings based on a big data analysis platform. Leading-edge, scalable technology and analysis options mean that service processes are simultaneously improved while new service offerings are created.
In predictive monitoring, machine data is analyzed to enable the detection of emerging problems at an early stage. This allows planned service measures to be deployed before unscheduled machine outages occur. The objective is to achieve maximum availability of machines through intelligent proactivity.


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KVD Service Congress

November 03/04, 2016 Munich

Visit us at the 36th KVD Service Congress in Munich at the beginning of November, and find out more about our forward-thinking services. We hope to see you there!

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RemoteServiceForum 2017

Save the Date: February 14/15, 2017 in Karlsruhe

We look forward to seeing you at the RemoteServiceForum in Karlsruhe in February. More details coming soon.

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