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Industrial Smart Service

There is no doubt that digitization, and the automation of mechanical and plant engineering  services will be a future necessity.   
Today, anyone who only thinks in terms of physical products is missing an opportunity to earn money from digital services.   

The trend toward data-driven services is now a reality

In the wake of Industry 4.0, more and more enterprises are discovering that offering new data-driven service products helps them stand out in the eyes of the customer.  Intelligent analyses of underlying machine data is vital for new service products that create added value. USU Industrial Smart Service offers an enterprise solution that establishes expertise through: 

  • A platform that scales flexibly so that enormous quantities of data and real-time data can be processed very quickly in a uniform architecture
  • State-of-art technologies such as in-memory processing, machine learning or complex event processing
  • Disclosure of unknown interconnections
  • Controlling of processes for automating services
  • Data scientists who develop intelligent analyses for you as and when required

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