Knowledge and solution databases

For near on 20 years, we have addressed the issue of knowledge bases in the different service areas of companies. Few providers can boast more experience in this market segment. Many medium-sized and large enterprises and public-sector institutions trust in our innovative products and solutions.

Whether in customer service, at the IT service desk or in HR services: Our solutions actively give your employees and customers the knowledge they require in the specific business process, for example to answer a question or analyse a symptom.

Knowledge Center in customer service

Call and service centres are the central points of contact for customers. Relevant, up-to-date and quality-assured knowledge must be available quickly to staff in both inbound or outbound customer service.

Customer-centric service centres are also often under pressure and are expected to improve their efficiency (key performance) and/or range of inbound/outbound services. The active knowledge base USU Knowledge Center 6 supports you in improving traditional key performance indicators, such as the call handling time or the first call resolution rate.

In addition, USU Knowledge Center 6 enables you to expand and enhance the service centre's range of tasks and services by additional functions, such as integration of social media as a further means of interaction with customers or provision of self-service options for end customers. The new product generation supports you with numerous assistance systems that are permanently active.

Then there is USU Knowledge Scout, an interactive advisor system for technical service staff in the office or in the field. Service technicians can use it to access structured expert knowledge by mobile means as well.

Knowledge Center for IT service management

The IT service desk or user help desk is responsible for all technical problems and questions. USU Knowledge Center 6 is a central solution database that permits rapid access to information that is always up-to-date and quality-assured. This specific solution knowledge is available to suit requirements thanks to ITIL-compliant interfaces to all commonly used ticketing systems. The USU system is also used as an integrated solution for IT operating documentation and efficient troubleshooting in data centre operation.

Moreover, users can solve their IT problems or answer their questions themselves within a very short time using the newly developed self-service solution USU Smart Link.

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