Portals and mobile solutions

Based on our over 35 years of experience, we support our customers in implementing complex IT systems in the area of business solutions. Here's a look at USU's portfolio of services:

  • Portals – Business processes only become really effective when they are linked up with well-structured supporting processes as well as social-media and knowledge-based functions (Web 2.0, content management, knowledge management) as well as powerful personalization functions – for your customers, employees and partners. USU designs and implements such innovative portals based on products from Liferay and IBM as well as the FirstSpirit content management system from e-Spirit.
  • The objective of this Integration is the complete and consistent depiction of business processes, even across systems and enterprises. USU designs, builds and operates powerful, future-ready integration solutions based on service-oriented architectures (SOA) and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE). USU's consultants have in-depth knowledge of all market-leading products and extensive experience gained from having implemented large projects.
  • For public administration as well as insurance companies and savings and loan associations, we can create innovative individualized solutions. USU can deploy such customized solutions if functions to be provided cannot be implemented using standard software or if the customer prefers not to use it. In fact, we can handle the entire implementation process: from the design phase, to the development phase, and on down to system operation.

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