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Aspera GmbH

Aspera is a highly specialized provider of software asset management solutions.

Hundreds of enterprises worldwide rely on Aspera, including more than 35 Fortune Global 500 companies. Since 2000, our award-winning software and services – including the SmartTrack license management technology – have been successfully implemented in international projects, representing diverse industries such as banking and finance, automotive, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals.


Our mission is to deliver Strategic License Management – the full spectrum of Software License Management – to our customers from one source, and provide unbeatably innovative, scalable and easy to handle technology to large organizations as well as expert services that always have the customers' needs in view.

Aspera has been a subsidiary of USU Software AG since 2010.

James M Priest, CEO of Aspera Inc.
Jim Priest has 30+ years of Executive Sales and Management experience in Information Technology, including Infrastructure Management, Hosting, Software Development, Information Security, and Business Continuity. He joined Aspera Technologies as VP of Sales in 2014, and moved into the role of President a year later. Jim started his career with ADP, Bank of America, and Comdisco, then spent five years as International Director of Sales in a joint venture between Comdisco and Daimler Benz (debis) in Germany. Returning to the States, he worked in a Vice President of Sales role with several startups in a global capacity developing some of the early cloud-based services, which lead to the first SaaS and other cloud-based products and services. Most recently, Jim was in an Executive Senior Sales position with SunGard Availability Services. He has a BS Degree from Brigham Young University, and is currently VMWare certified along with other industry-standard technical certifications.

Olaf Diehl
Olaf Diehl is responsible for Business Development & Operations. In this position he manages and supports marketing, partner management and sales. Olaf Diehl studied business administration at the Philips University in Marburg and has been responsible for IT consultancy for ITSM and SAM since 1998, and since 2002 in a management role.

Hans-Peter Kozica
Hans-Peter Kozica is responsible for services at Aspera. He acquired long-term international experience in management positions with USU AG, iET Solutions GmbH, and Applix GmbH, where he covered domains like Business Intelligence (BI), IT service management, and customer relationship management (CRM). Before that time, Hans-Peter graduated from Duisburg University in mechanical engineering with a focus on information sciences (Dipl. Ing. degree) and worked as a freelance information technology consultant.

Keith Sauvant
Co-founder Keith Sauvant is responsible for development and technology. This includes product development, management of the IT infrastructure, and user support. Before he joined Aspera Keith worked as a developer for one of the world's leading providers of simulation technology; and has a masters in electrical engineering and information technology from the RWTH Aachen.

Christof Beaupoil, President & Co-founder
Today, Christof Beaupoil is Senior Management Advisor of Aspera Technologies Inc. in the United States. Previously, Beaupoil was responsible for consulting services and projects as well as the development of customized solutions. In this role, he successfully managed numerous license management projects for international corporations. The co-founder of Aspera earned a masters in mechanical engineering and information technology from the RWTH Aachen and is a certified ITIL Foundation and Licensing Specialist.

Bernhard Böhler, Co-founder of Aspera & CSO of USU Software AG
Bernhard Boehler is board member of USU Software AG, the parent company of Aspera. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the software industry. A co-founder of Aspera, Bernhard was previously in charge of international operations management. Before he co-founded Aspera, Bernhard was Global Account Manager at Software Spectrum Inc., where he was responsible for Fortune 500 companies in Germany and the coordination of international sales projects.