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EASYTRUST is a French software provider acting on the Software Asset Management market. EASYTRUST develops and markets Oracle asset management software products from inventory to licensing optimization.

Its two star products are EASYTRUST INVENTORY which analyses software deployments and configuration within datacenters for SAM and ITSM and EASYTRUST for ORACLE which is a dedicated Oracle SAM tool, verified by ORACLE, allowing clients to have a clear and automated vision of Oracle compliance and maximize the value of Oracle products.

EASYTRUST INVENTORY and EASYTRUST for ORACLE are reliable and complete sources of data that easily integrate with other SAP and multi-vendor asset management software products distributed by EASYTRUST: EASYTRUST for SAP and EASYTRUST for SAM, both powered by ASPERA.

EASYTRUST also offers expert integration and consulting services around these software products to help clients reducing costs and optimizing SAM. EASYTRUST SAM software products are licensed under temporary, perpetual and subscription models, on-premises or hosted by EASYTRUST, or provided as part of managed services. 

Maxime Pawlak

I've been working around Software Asset Management for several years now. I'm seen that most customers don't optimise their licenses to the end. There is so much to find around software licensing. We usually save millions in cost avoidance and maintenance reduction for our customers. 

All my career his heading to this position I have now : providing solutions helping customers to take the best advantage of their software licenses around Oracle, IBM, SAP, Microsoft or Adobe... It means paying the fair amount of money for what customers really use. Not more.

We as a team are really proud of Easytrust software and services, because it has a real sense to help growth and productivity for our customers. We are driven by our values. Humility and innovation are really inspiring us at Easytrust.

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