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Udo Strehl

Udo Strehl
Born June 6, 1954
Managing Director of Ausum GmbH (formerly called Udo Strehl Private Equity GmbH)

Udo Strehl was born in Ludwigsburg on June 6, 1954. After finishing school, he trained at the home loan bank in Ludwigsburg to become a banker. After completing his training, he first joined the Wüstenrot Bank as a banker.

In 1974 he had the opportunity as part of an internal education program to retrain as a programmer. Until 1977 he first worked in the organizational department as a programmer, then as an IT organizer.

In mid-1977 Udo Strehl joined a management consulting firm as a programmer, before becoming a consultant programmer in October 1977. At the end of 1977 he set up the company USU Unternehmsberatung GmbH.

Until 1993 he held the position as Managing Director and sole partner of USU Unternehmensberatung GmbH, which in the meantime had advanced from being an IT service company to a software house with its own software products that offered highly qualified consulting services.  In 1996 the company changed its business form to USU AG, with Udo Strehl as the Chief Executive Officer.

The company, which had now expanded to employ 200 people, went on the stock exchange on 4 July  2000, trading in the new market segment and listed as a public company. Udo Strehl was the majority stockholder and as Chief Executive Officer of the company had responsibility for the corporate strategy. At this point in time the company had experienced a very successful and profitable development with well-known customers, some of whom were located far beyond the German borders.

In 2002 Udo Strehl moved to the supervisory board of today's USU Software AG as part of the merger between USU AG and OpenShop Holding AG. He took responsibility for different tasks on advisory boards and was engaged as a business angel. In this capacity he founded the investment company Udo Strehl Private Equity GmbH (USPEG).

In June 2004, USPEG – which was renamed in 2012 as Ausum GmbH – took over almost 50 % of the remaining shares of USU Software AG as part of a major replacement of shares from the holdings of existing stockholders of the former OpenShop Holding AG. As a result, Udo Strehl became the majority stockholder of the company. Udo Strehl has been chairman of the supervisory board of USU Software AG since the fall of 2004.

Udo Strehl is married with three sons. He is a member of the advisory board of the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg bank, a member of the board of trustees of the German Sports Aid Foundation, a member of the German Olympic Association and is active in a number of sports clubs.