Charity work

From the very beginning, USU has regarded itself as part of a social network with the objective of helping other people.

For many years now, USU and its employees have supported through their donations the Sabine Dörges Foundation for children and youth suffering from cancer as well as the non-profit organization "Kinder brauchen Frieden e.V" ("Children Need Peace") in their committed efforts to support needy and disadvantaged persons. The Sabine Dörges Foundation for children and youth suffering from cancer is well-known and well-respected for its personal touch and dedication in helping young cancer patients and their parents. In addition, this foundation has helped to finance a succession of important medical equipment for use in clinics in the greater Stuttgart area. The goals of the non-profit "Kinder brauchen Frieden e.V" are the improvement of living conditions for needy children throughout the world. For example, this organization has been involved in helping tsunami flood victims in afflicted countries like Sri Lanka.

Every two years a golf tournament of a special kind is held over a few days under the banner "Birdies for Help". The event is organized by the USU Group along with the firm EISFINK and the golf club of Schloss Monrepos. Instead of green fees, donations are collected from all participants. All donations and excess funds are contributed in full to selected children and youth projects for the county. The trust "Jugendhilfe aktiv" (Active Youth Support Group) in Möglingen and the Karlshöhe Children and Youth Support Group in Ludwigsburg are just two of the many beneficiaries.

Donation of a check by USU staff to Ms. Dörges of the Sabine-Dörges trust for children with cancer

Klaus Bader of the Management Board of USU AG presenting a check to Mr. Bierlmeier of Kinder brauchen Frieden e.V. ("Children Need Peace")

USU sponsors the charity golf tournament "Birdies for Help"